Pippa's Story

February 17, 2012

Pippa reached her goal!! I have requested a transfer of the funds from PayPal to the CorgiPals bank account. As soon as the funds are available (next Weds or Thurs) I will call CareCredit and pay Kaity's balance. Thank you to everyone who donated to this sweet girl! I will keep everyone posted on her progress as updates come in!

February 14, 2012

Pals, I know Valentine's Day is coming to a close for 2012, but I think we can all agree that it's not too late to spread a little love! I'd like to introduce Pippa, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Pippa is not quite a year old and has been living with meningitis since she was six months old. Corgi Mom Kaity contacted me this week for some help paying Pippa's exorbitant veterinary bills. Here is Pippa's story in Kaity's words:

"Pippa is my first Corgi and first dog. She was born on April 15, 2011 in Montevallo, Alabama. She's a silly and unique Corgi who loves to hear sneezes, howl with me, throw ice around on the floor, and sing along when I play the flute. She is spunky, loving, and means everything to me.

One morning in October 2011, Pippa completely changed. She was lethargic, quiet, and yelped with pain when I touched her. She had a fever and was a completed different dog. After one look, one weekend family vet sent me to the emergency vet. Of course, not before slamming with with a bill for just the visit. At the emergency vet, I was handed a bill for $1,200 outlining what they wanted to do. $600 of it was just for 8 hours of overnight stay. Being 22 and fresh out of college, I absolutely did not have access to that money and the vet gave me no options for financing. My parents and a few friends told me they couldn't help. I did the best I could and left with $300+ worth of shots.

The next day I went straight to her regular family vet who gave me a finance option and ran hundreds worth of tests, X-rays, etc. No conclusions were found or made. My research led me to think it was meningitis, which my vet told me was "very rare" and also stated that because Pippa was up to date on every vaccine, she suspected it was an injury. After five weeks of back and forth visits, sleepless nights, nervous breakdowns, and hours of crying, the vet finally recommended her to an orthopedic specialist. Within five minutes, the orthopedic specialist suspected meningitis and disclosed that he wanted to keep her a few nights, run tests, and start medication.

I visited her twice a day while she was in care. I could see her perk up in her vet's cage when she saw me, which was bad because it moved her IV hook up and made her yelp. After a spinal tap and other painful tests, it was found that she had meningitis that was brought on by distemper in her spine. After over a month of no answers, I NEEDED something solid and I asked her specialist if this looked really bad or if Pippa could fight through it. He said that because she had been sick for over a month, especially at her young age, it looked very bad and to prepare myself to let her go. He gave me the option of stopping then and putting little Pippa to sleep, or to go through expensive therapy and steroid treatment. I chose to fight for this amazing little dog that brought me so much love and they gave me a financing option.

After a few weeks of steroids, little Pippa finally got relief from almost two months of misery. She slowly came back to life and moved a little more every day. But she was robbed of her puppyhood. The months of December and January have been a blessing, and so far February has been as well. She is still on a strict medication regimen (now down to two medications from five) and acts as "normal" as possible. She is back to being bright and cheerful and crazy, and I love every second. She will be on steroids for a few more months, possibly longer if a relapse occurs.

Every bit of the debt I am in was worth it and I would do it again, but I am struggling bad. The financing has been wonderful, but I still have a balance of $1,230 on my CareCredit account. Any help would be appreciated, I am under water and have received sparse help from friends and family."

Donations will be used to pay Kaity's remaining CareCredit balance, which includes diagnosis and treatment of Pippa's meningitis. Thankfully, Pippa is on her way to recovery, but let's do all we can to thank Kaity for not giving up on Pippa when the situation looked grim. As always, the ChipIn is posted in the top right corner of this page. If you can't donate, please spread the word and/or send prayers and good vibes to Pippa and Kaity. I can't think of a better Valentine than this sweet baby girl!

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